Never Go Cheap on Safety: Choosing a Toddler Car Seat

Always wanting the best for your baby in each aspect, right? Then check out all details on comfortable and safe toddler car seat and all car seats for babies.

There could be many dilemmas over this topic, which is surely important for all the parents with cars and which brings with it questions such: as how to keep a child safe yet comfortable, how to find a seat that is affordable yet it can keep good performance over the years, is it okay to use a borrowed car seat and similar. To start it is good to know that as a parent of a newborn you won’t need a seat for baby right away. Pediatric associations recommend that baby is weighing at least 9 kilos at the time when she will be sitting on her own in the car. Babies cannot for long keep their head and neck in straight condition and it’s not fair to exhibit their little bodies to dangerous outdoor factors which may include fast car rides during which children can get easily injured. However, many car seats themselves are manufactured by protocols and according to various standards through which they are usually categorized in two or three groups (according to size). More about it, in details down.

Car Seats for Toddlers – All The Basics You Need To Know

Many of you would not probably believe when you’d read in an article including the official Wikipedia page that infant and toddler car seats were firstly designed as early as in the 1930s – but it’s true, even photographed. Yet, it took many decades for carmakers and industries to develop to construct the seats in the form with which we are familiar nowadays. During the end of the 1980s and in the 1990s especially it became a trend in western countries to bring a newborn baby home in the small carriers that are now still used as a primary part of baby carts, as well as the car seats for babies. When it comes to your baby you want to know all, right? You want to choose the best sleeping method for your baby, best food, best of everything… Why not the best car seat?

This unique design, handle that permits easy movement and the size of these carts clearly show that simplicity proved as key for the product that had to be there for any family.

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Child restraint system, baby seat, and infant safety seat are just some of the names which stand for the same thing, and the same common ground – protecting your child through all short and long drives during their first five years of life.

Even if you most probably heard that there are some integrated baby car seats in the market, this situation is quite rare and in some cases, wealthier groups decide to buy cars per order that will come with this advantage. Of the brands of cars, more visible on-street only some VOLVO models offer integrated seats for little ones.

Moving more forward, you will get to know details about classifications between seats for babies, toddlers, and older groups of kids. But to be straight, it is known that these classifications

highly vary not only from continent to continent but from country to country even. Once when you are a parent, and you get to visit a few local stores that supply car seat systems you will definitely become an expert in the category.


If you don’t want to be going far from being an expert in the car seat category, you should probably be informed about this standard name, which comes printed in huge bold letters in case the car seat you have chosen satisfies the given standard.

ISOFIX was launched in the 1990s as an attempt to provide a standard for fixing car seats for different makes of cars.

Today, quite a lot of car seats that pass the medium price range come with ISOFIX, thus once when you hear from a seller in the stores that a car seat has this feature you could breathe out calmly and instantly reduce search volume.

For any baby car seat, even the one with Isofix you will still need a safe additional car base onto which the baby seat will fit.

Once you install the base, it will become a very smooth process to learn how to fix the car seat itself because it basically fits onto two metal clips and is one minute of a job.

So, some parents decide to permanently keep the car seat fixed into one corner or backseat while some have the on-off phase on a daily basis even.

Whichever group of parents you belong to, you shall just always keep in mind that you made a great decision by doing this installment because the child’s movements stay limited, and while in the seat he or she is always much more protected from any possible turbulence compared to holding the child in arms only.

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Classification Of Car Seats for Kids

For example, in the United Kingdom, the classification of car seats goes as:

  • Group 0
  • Group 0+
  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Group of ½
  • Combination Group 3
  • Group ⅔ Combinations

To follow all little distinctions would be completely unnecessary since it is just important to know the key features regarding mobility, actual size so the child can fit in it, and the details about booster cushions.

Multi-group or extended seats can also prevail among the details which will intrigue parents because sometimes parents plan on purchasing this seat type only once and then using it for siblings that are born in a close time period.

Other European classifications are often declared as Group 1 – 2 – 3 seats; where group three almost equals a classic grown-up seat and keeps very few limitations for children. Group 3 seats are in that manner used for kids between the ages of 6 and 12.

However, the easiest classification that will talk according to words and not numbers and groups is the one that we will emphasize now. There are three basics seat types for children and these are:

  • Infant/Newborn Seats
  • Toddler Seats
  • 4+ kids Seats

And now, since we want to cover the ‘Toddler Seats’ group, let’s dive into it more closely.

Which Toddler Car Seat Is the Best?

In some countries, the whole car seat concept is extremely important, so that parents can stay legally accused on various grounds if skipping the usage of the seat, even a short distance. Whole systems of countries are made up in the way that parents know, the car seat will be an extra duty to take care of before child is there but once when you are in it, and you used infant system, for example, it won’t come difficult for you to go to look for the next step that comes for safer transport of your child.

Lawless countries (countries that won’t take money allowance or sue the parent in court) in the aspect of car seats for kids will leave parents in mid-conditions, where those parents will look on the behavior of their close friends or family and sometimes that will determine whether there will or won’t be a safe seat for baby in the vehicle. We should always consider the safest toddler car seats for our babies.

Still, those looking for comfort and safety, those who saw showcases and advertisements of car seats will most likely always keep the baby/toddler car seat attached to the car.

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At the moment when you will be looking for toddler car seats, you will be aware of its increment in size, as well as the fact that this seat type is fully forward-facing. Your child is now older than a year, his/her interest in the world is undoubtedly growing with every week that passes and he/she will enjoy sightseeing right from his/her chair.

Many of you would probably want the best one for your child, you will everywhere bump into Maxi-Cosi and Chicco products and generally, you will just be exposed to words of praise for all of the models whose prices pass hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Brands that expanded globally, that have broader audiences and consumers in many countries will after some time add to their value these exact points, whereas their manufacturing place will most probably be a single country where most plastic goods are produced.

Thus, as a parent, you could look for local retailers, ask for real-life advice and recommendations, read some reviews and simply not jump to conclusion that there is just one best only because it’s so famous or because your favorite influencer is using it with her toddler. Still, count that with price comes the guarantee as well; and when thinking and making a decision of which toddler seat will satisfy all your family needs try to be rational.

With More Money Comes More Safety and Better Quality For a Toddler Car Seat – YES Or NO?

This is a psychological question for which some of you, some of us have strictly defined answers. This same question can be asked when you are buying a perfume, a car, or a toddler’s car seat. So most probably the answer should be ‘Yes’.

There are some products on which we can discuss economic principles, discuss are they the products of need or of will and similar, but the toddler’s car seat is a product that like all other products for children comes under its own unique category.

You, as a parent, led by emotional traces in you will always look for the best toddler car seat, for good quality, nice look – no matter what you are buying for a child so the seat won’t be an exception too.

But in this particular matter, the safety feature comes above the money or the look.

Just be sure to check the lists in your countries that are authorized by the Ministry of Health and take the one that comes close to your budget.

The toddler is still quite small so he won’t remember his/hers toddler’s car seat’s color, you also won’t remember did it have extra stripes on it but you will surely remember if its purpose matched its usage and whether your child was sitting comfortably in it.