Life Changing Products: Your Baby’s Sleep Buddy

After spending 9 months in the warmth of the womb, your baby is now discovering the world. During the first few months spent in attempts for adaptation, it is important that he feels secure. For this, it is enough to remind him of the sensations of his mother’s cozy belly: wrapped in his swaddling blanket and lying on his ergonomic mattress or in his bed with his soft baby cushion, it feels like he is in a cocoon. His nightlight reassures him and his mobile soothes him. That’s it, the baby is sleeping! For many parents, getting their baby to sleep is every so often a factual difficulty course. Some parents invest a lot of time and energy in helping their little one fall asleep. Consequently, they recognize that the leftover time is not enough to deal with other important tasks. If you are a parent and you are facing this kind of problem, then this article is for you. Discover the most suitable sleep buddy that may help you get your baby to sleep faster. Also take advantage of these valuable tips to help your baby fall asleep. In the following period you may also consider to choose the best sleep training methods for your baby.

Putting Your Baby to Sleep: The Essential Accessories

You can choose between several accessories to help you put your baby to sleep effectively at any time of the day.

The Sling

Most babies and children, and even many adults, sleep easily on the road. For a baby, a walk in the stroller or a ride in the car helps him or her fall asleep in a flash. But if you go for a walk with a sling, it may assist you perfectly and your little one may feel very comfortable in it. That way, your baby feels your presence at all times. This pleasant sensation helps babies to fall asleep peacefully. It’s undeniable that every baby will love to be snuggled up with this sling to their parents. With the sling, your baby will be in the ideal position to hear your heartbeat. This sound reminds him of the one he heard in the mother’s belly, he loves it! This way, your little one will easily fall into a deep and safe sleep. Moreover, with a sling, you can keep doing your other tasks. This is very handy when you have many chores to do around the house. You can use the sling outside and also indoors. So you don’t have to go out for a walk to soothe and put your baby to sleep. When you are out, going on a trip, you can take the sling with you to carry your baby at any time of the day. The sling takes up absolutely no space, making it extremely easy to carry. This equipment is particularly useful when your baby has difficulty falling asleep while he is alone.

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The White Noise Plush

This is not a classic plushie but rather a sleep toy. Indeed, the white noise plush as its name indicates diffuses white noises (heartbeat, vacuum cleaner noise…). The white noises are perfect sleep toys and sleep buddies and they are very effective to put a baby to sleep quickly. This sound emitted by the white noise comforter creates a comfortable environment, similar to that of the womb. It calms your baby and inspires your baby to fall asleep faster. The white noise plush also helps your baby stay asleep longer. It works like magic and its effectiveness is already proven and validated by many parents. All babies wake up easily during light sleep phases. During these awakenings, they quickly become anxious. This is where white noise sleep buddy comes in! It blocks out other annoying noises that may disturb your child.

The white noise plush for babies comes in different models and its functionality varies depending on the manufacturer. The white noise comforter is usually battery operated and its additional options can be activated with simple buttons. Other models also include night lights and lullabies that can also help calm and put the baby to sleep more easily. Which one of them can be the best for your baby? Maybe you could consider a sleeping toy cat.

The Baby Night Light and Light Up Sleep Toy

The nightlight and the light up sleep toy are one of the most effective items to help a baby fall asleep. The latest LED baby night lights are available in different models with several practical features such as light projection or lullaby broadcasting. The baby light up sleep toy helps to relieve the fear of darkness also known as “nyctophobia,” especially in young children, with its delicate and soothing light. The baby night light sleep toy reveals the overall layout of a room without the need to turn on a large light that would prevent your child from sleeping. This bright, warm atmosphere reassures your child with a sense of familiarity and security that helps them fall asleep quickly. When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, they won’t be afraid of being immersed in a dark and unfamiliar environment. Instead, they will contemplate the soft light of the baby night light as it spreads throughout the room.

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The Swaddling Blanket and Sleep Buddy Pillow

Swaddling is a practice that has been used for centuries to put babies to sleep. Being snugly wrapped with baby covers prevents your infant from being bothered by their own fear reflex. It prevents your child from waking up at night with this reflex and gives them a feeling of confidence and warmth. In the same way, the sleep buddy pillow will provide most of these feelings of confidence and comfort and will allow your child to sleep more comfortably. Your little one will be in such a state that they will not want to sleep without it. Some experts believe that swaddling your baby helps recreate the sense of security your baby had in the womb. It’s important to note that going directly from a small space to a large space can be terrifying for your little one. Feeling “wrapped up” in the swaddling blanket and  warm helps them to calm down and fall asleep faster and longer. Of course, the fabric of a swaddle blanket and sleep buddy pillow are both strong and very soft to fit your baby’s delicate skin, and to protect it.

A Comfortable Baby Mattress

For your little one to sleep well, you may need a sleeping toy dog or a musical sleep toy; but sometimes that can also be as simple as a comfortable mattress. Some parents use a bassinet or a crib while others practice “co-sleeping” to put their baby to sleep. These cannot be the harmless sleeping options for them. We recommend that you choose a crib and a good baby mattress, the child has firm support when sleeping and his spine, bones and body are developing healthily. When your baby is about 3 years old, you can move them to a full-size bed. You’ll need to choose a new mattress and maybe invest in a bed rail to prevent them from falling out of bed.

Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

A baby can have as much trouble as an adult, if not more, while getting to sleep. Fortunately, there are several tips to help them fall asleep faster and longer. Here are some:

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Ban Screens (television, tablets…)

Many studies have shown that children who spend too much time in front of a screen (TV, smartphone …), especially in the evening, have more and more trouble sleeping. This can be the same situation for babies from an early age. Staring at the screen for too long stimulates your baby’s eyes and brain, which slows down the sleep process. Before 3 years old, it is not recommended to put a child in front of a screen. It’s better to let him discover and learn a lot of things to awaken him to the world around him. You can for example read him stories, go for a walk in a stroller with him, play with him… From 3 years old you can integrate little by little the screens like the television. However, it is important to set rules. For example: a maximum time beyond which your child will have to stop watching television.

Try Giving Your Baby a Bath at Night

A bath soothes your baby’s muscles and relaxes them, which in turn helps the little one sleep well at night. That’s why many parents choose to bathe their baby before dinner. Also, during the bath, you can play soft music to create an even more soothing and relaxing experience.

Massage Your Baby

Massage can help your baby fall asleep. So give your baby a gentle massage before putting him to bed. Then give him his sleep buddy, you will not believe how fast he will go to sleep. But be careful, not all babies like massages, so listen to your baby. If he squirms or fusses, stop the massage and give him a hug.

Establish a Ritual

When you become a parent, it’s often difficult to find the right rhythm for your child, whether it’s for naps or bedtime. It’s very important to listen to your baby because when he’s tired, he’ll show signs of fatigue, such as rubbing his eyes and getting upset. In this case, he’s probably ready for a nap. During the first few weeks, you should take note of this so you can identify any patterns that will help you establish your routine. Once you’ve determined the right time, you’ll need to decide on your nap ritual as well as your bedtime ritual. To get your baby to sleep during the day, you don’t need as many elaborate techniques as you’ll need at bedtime. You just have to hum a little lullaby. If you are still breastfeeding, giving him the breast could also help. If you also wonder when do toddlers stop napping, that’s totally another journey.

At night, you can sing a lullaby, use a light up sleep toy, read a story, put him in a swaddling blanket and provide him with his sleep buddy to help him fall asleep longer.