All the Reasons to Have a Babymoon Vacation

Before the arrival of their baby, some couples organize a (kind of) honeymoon to bask themselves in love. We will go on to enlighten you deeply regarding this new trend called “babymoon.” Some have probably done it before and didn’t even know they were on a trend. A one-on-one vacation with the father of your unborn child, to take a romantic break for a few weeks before the baby is born. So far, you think that there’s nothing new. If the upcoming birth of a child is obviously an immense happiness, it is also a real upheaval that is accompanied by months without sleep, stress and a new vision for the couple. To relieve the pressure before the big day, more and more future parents are seduced by a “babymoon vacation.” What is a babymoon vacation? A contraction of the words “baby” and “honeymoon,” this trend consists of a romantic getaway before the arrival of the baby. It is in fact the cousin of the traditional honeymoon! Very popular in the United States and in Europe; this trend invites the future parents to recharge their batteries during a dedicated stay.

A Tailor-Made Trip

Yes, after honeymoons, there is the babymoon, a concept with a growing success on the west side of the world. Originally, the term evoked the privileged time that parents spend with their baby just after the birth. Dressed up by travel professionals, it now designates “all-inclusive” packages, offered to parents-to-be who are anxious to “find themselves” in the quiet, before their new adventure begins. In a way, it is a honeymoon doped with hormones. According to the tourism industry, 6 million people from western countries are tempted each year by this concept. It can also appeal to women who are advanced in their pregnancy, even if gynecologists obviously consider the second trimester as the best time to go and get pampered in Hotels and Spas that are specialized in welcoming round bellies. Let’s say you are on your babymoon retreat, and you have a sudden craving for ice cream at 2 a.m. No problem, thanks to the 24-hour room service, your husband doesn’t have to run through the deserted streets in the middle of the night.

Babymoon Trip Ideas

While a multitude of ideas, designed especially for this occasion, are offered in the west, you should choose the best one for yourself. You’ll have to design your own getaway, taking the activities and babymoon ideas that are not recommended for pregnant women into account. It is healthier to pick a babymoon vacation destination which is not too far away from your home and plan a few days, choosing your own relaxing babymoon ideas to pamper yourself. Want a romantic weekend with SPA and gastronomy? In that case, in addition to the usual food prohibitions, you will have to choose wisely where to splash around. But of course, do not forget about the activities and foods to avoid during pregnancy! While hammams and saunas should be avoided, as the steam and heat can cause contractions in some expectant mothers, whirlpool baths are possible, provided they are neither too strong nor too hot. Similarly, not all types of massages are recommended for pregnant women. Certain essential oils such as lavender can also trigger labor. To be safe, ask your doctor or midwife for advice while choosing your destination. Try to not view them as boundaries, but as precautions for a safe travel destination for you and your unborn child. For example, you can cross off some countries where certain diseases such as yellow fever or the Zika virus are prevalent from your list. From Latin America to Africa, wait until your children are older to plan your first big family trip. Also check the health infrastructure of your destination. Your domestic doctor personally may support you to make sure of this. Also, choose a drop-off point that is effortlessly reachable. While it’s tempting to isolate yourself in the little corner of a paradise, it’s even more important to be close to a hospital in case the mother needs assistance. In addition, don’t hesitate to take out comprehensive insurance to cover any health care needs that may arise while you are away.

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The Right Timing

The right timing is extremely important to avoid the “baby clash.” Although there is no real reason to fly to other countries, baby moon enthusiasts emphasize the benefits of these relaxing moments during pregnancy. While the future parents are under a lot of pressure, these retreats would have a real preventive function to avoid the “baby clash.” Between fatigue, stress and anxiety, the arrival of an infant puts the couple to a severe test. Strengthening the bonds of love beforehand is therefore essential to overcome the challenges of the future. Imagine doing this planning in the paradise of your dreams. You already have a lot of ideas, don’t you? Now, hold them still for a while. Pregnancy is synonymous with some undesirable effects. To limit the risks, you must choose your travel period carefully. Forget the first three months, during which nausea will definitely spoil those relaxing moments. For the last two months, they are too close to the end of the pregnancy to allow for long trips and do not allow you to fly anyway. Your babymoon timing is not good in this case. Therefore, the second trimester of pregnancy is the best time to organize a baby moon! Especially once the difficulties of the first months are forgotten, pregnant women usually open up about their sensuality. One last thing! Whether your timing is good or not, remember to bring your entire pregnancy file with you (duplicate ultrasounds and blood tests).

Babymoon Tips

The slightest desire of the pregnant woman is to be addressed, all services are adapted to her physiological state (no hammam or essential oils for example). Everything is done to make her feel divine, to make her forget (for a while) her stretch marks, her hemorrhoids and her heartburn (who said that pregnancy was always wonderful?). For the mother, prenatal massages, lymphatic drainage, yoga, pedicure (have you ever tried to do it yourself at 7 months of pregnancy when you can barely see your toes?), and of course candlelight dinners and shopping trips to find the birth trousseau or the clothes that will allow you to stay glamorous even while breastfeeding (yes, they exist.) All these ideas are obviously not always cheap, especially if you choose some babymoon places at the end of the world, in a luxurious resort on a white sand beach. But it’s in the name of saving the couple’s romantic life, so we shouldn’t be skimpy!

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Babymoon Vacation Destinations

You’re looking forward to it, but you still don’t know where to put your bags? Here are some ideas of ideal babymoon destinations. Remember its essence: what even is a babymoon vacation? As is often the case, the concept has crossed the Atlantic and we are starting to see agencies and hotels offering weekend getaways in all European countries. In green and Zen areas from France such as Evian, Vittel, Provence, or even Bordeaux and Champagne. A romantic getaway in a wine region without being allowed to drink a drop of wine is nothing short of torture, of course. We are supposed to come with our bottle of water in our bags to toast while the man is doing the great wines and cigars. So it’s hard to predict if the babymoons in Western Europe will ever be as popular as the ones in the United States. Plan about basking in the sun, sleeping in, going from the restaurant to the pool and from the beach to the room without any effort. The “all inclusive” packages allow you to leave your home with a peace of mind. And why not spend a few days at a Thalassa to relax and get back on your feet? How much will it cost? On the tourist side; what about a romantic babymoon vacation? Italy is a bit of a cliché, but it has proven to be a dream destination for newlyweds. Rome, Florence or Venice, a small warm hotel, gondolas, wood-fired pizzas, not very original, but very effective! What about an exotic one? Are you dreaming of getting away and a change of scenery? Head for the sunny islands where you will be pampered! West Indies, Bahamas, Seychelles, Caribbean and Maldives. There is no lack of offers. Beware of tourist nests though, prefer to go off-season and to places that are a bit more remote (Paradise Island, it makes you dream, but you will not be the only Adam and Eve to have cracked).

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The “girls night out,” these evenings reserved for girls in restaurants or bars, on the American model, with cocktails, manicure or massage, have never really taken off in Europe, with a few exceptions. The same goes for the famous “baby shower”, which consists in organizing a party around cupcakes and fruit juice with the girlfriends and/or office colleagues of the mother-to-be to, literally, shower her with gifts before the birth of her baby and celebrate her change of status. Babymoons are no different. They might not be for everyone, but they are definitely worth considering. Enjoy your pregnancy while it lasts and do not forget to add pregnancy exercises to your rituals and habits to have a healthy labor later on.